Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD: The New Medicine

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The Medicine of the Future? 

"Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a "scientific" asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge;  it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.” R.G. Hamer, MD

A Cure for Cancer? Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s theories, based on extensive research involving tens of thousands of cancer patients and his own personal experience, deserves inclusion in this report because of the profound implications it has for healing disease in the 21st century.  “The New Medicine” and its basic premise offer real hope and the possibility of a cure for most types of cancer, and other diseases as well.

How It Began: Dr. Hamer’s Personal Story

The NEW MEDICINE understands the body as a unified organism, a unity, with the psyche being the integrator of all functions of behaviour and all areas of conflict, and the brain being the main computer of all behavioural functions, conflict areas and organs, and the sum of the consequences of all these events. R.G. Hamer, MD

In 1978, after 15 years as an internist, oncologist and professor of medicine in Germany and Italy, Dr. Hamer’s son, Dirk Hamer, was shot during a random act of violence.  Dr. Hamer was awakened during the night with this traumatic news. He attended his dying son for 3 months, remaining in a state of shock and disbelief.  Within the year after his son’s death, Dr. Hamer discovered that he had developed testicular cancer and being a scientist who had been healthy his entire life, he began to search for what seemed to be a plausible connection between his illness and the painful shock of his son’s unexpected murder. His wife developed cancer as well.  He asked himself whether it could just be coincidence that all of this had happened. Thus began Hamer’s journey toward the complete rethinking of long-accepted medical theories about how and why disease develops within certain individuals, about how healing really happens and why many times it doesn’t when patients rely on allopathic medical treatments.

The Legacy of a New Medicine

From Dr. Hamer: I believe that the knowledge of the New Medicine is the legacy of my dead son, Dirk. Through his death I myself became ill with cancer. With an honest heart, I have the authority of this legacy to pass on to all those stricken with disease so that they, with the help of the New Medicine, can understand their disease, overcome it and recover their health.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Even as he was fighting his own battle with cancer, Dr. Hamer continued practicing as the Chief of Internal Medicine at a Gynecology-Oncology clinic at Munich University in Germany.  He now began to look much more deeply into his patients’ stories and test results.  In every case, he found he could trace the development of cancer to a severe emotional shock or loss that generally occurred within a year or two before the diagnosis. He began calling these triggering events the “Dirk Hamer Syndrome” or DHS events in honor of his dead son.

I had the opportunity to study female patients with cancer and to compare my findings to see if their mechanism was the same as mine; if they too had experienced such a terrible shock. I found that all of them, without exception, had experienced the same type of biological conflict as I had. They were able to recollect the shock, the resulting sleeplessness, weight loss, cold hands and the beginning of tumor growth.

Furthermore, the shock must be unexpected; if we are prepared in some manner for the shocking event, we will not become ill says Hamer. Even more remarkably, he discovered that every biological conflict leaves a visible shadow in the brain (confirmed in every case, again without exception, by a brain CT scan) in the exact brain relay corresponding to the organ or body structure manifesting the disease. He found that the nature of the conflict predetermines the organic site for disease and that every disease has two distinct phases: the conflict/active phase and the healing/resolution phase. These are separated by the exact moment when the biological conflict is resolved.  Hamer called this “The Iron Rule of Cancer.”

He soon began to correlate his theories with other diseases as well and not just cancer. The result of his research is the creation of the “Disease Chart,” which accurately describes the biological conflict cause of each disease, the exact location in the brain the focus is found, how the disease manifests in the “conflict active phase” and how it manifests in the “healing phase.”  Should Hamer’s theories continue to receive scientific corroboration, this may indeed constitute the foundation for a New Medicine in the world.

What is a Biological Conflict?

Cancer does not begin in the body; cancer begins in the brain.

According to a practitioner well versed in The New Medicine:  “A biological conflict….. is a very primal response to an event in a person's life that completely catches them off guard. In fact, most people describe this event as feeling as if they were struck by lightning, they develop cold hands and feet, lose their appetite, can't sleep, their mind keeps dwelling on the trauma and they have trouble talking to anyone about it.  These conflicts, in order to qualify as biological in nature must be unanticipated and can involve a separation from a loved one, a territorial loss, a self devaluation, a profound fear, a fight over something that we believe rightfully belongs to us, injuries inflicted through accidents or harsh words, or even a fear for our lives or the life of a loved one. The list goes on. These biological responses are preprogrammed into our brains and are responsible for creating most of the disease states we are familiar with today.”

And how do “spontaneous remissions” happen in nature?  In exactly the same manner as a longer term healing process.  When the patient’s biological conflict situation finally gets resolved—whether naturally as life changes and adaptation occurs, or after significant conscious effort—then the turning point is reached.  In many cases, this healing process is not without its challenges and dangers as well, but the tide has definitely turned in the right direction.

Years of Frustration and Rejection

Of course this theory, although well researched with 20,000 case studies, validated with CT  (computed axial tomography or CAT scan is an image of the soft tissues of the body) scans and containing compelling evidence, was something completely new within standard medical practice.  When Hamer presented his discoveries to his colleagues, they demanded that he deny his findings or leave the university immediately.  He chose the latter course—and continued his research--although the unjust dismissal haunted him for years.  And it was to get even worse.

Hamer next submitted his research to the University in Tubingen in October 1981 as a post-doctoral thesis. His primary intent was to create the opportunity for his results to be tested as soon as possible so they could begin to benefit cancer patients.  In May 1982, the University rejected Hamer’s work without testing even a single case for reproduction—and to this date they continue to refuse.  In the ensuing years, he repeatedly attempted to open a clinic where patients who chose to could utilize his methods, and each time he was legally prevented from doing so.

The criticism (perhaps “persecution” would not be too strong a word here) reached its peak in 1986 when an action was begun to stop Hamer from practicing medicine on the basis that he "failed to deny his findings and failed to convert to the tenets of official medicine." This judgment was handed down after a single hearing. Hamer was subsequently forbidden to talk to patients and he was advised, at age 51, to find a new profession, unrelated to medicine. He was even jailed for 18 months for providing information to patients about his “New Medicine.”  His career as a physician appeared to be over.

Hamer continued his research on a limited basis, being now denied any kind of financial, technical or administrative support.  He finally took the University of Tubingen to court and won and the University was ordered by the court to conduct studies about Hamer’s findings.  To date they have not done so.  Since he believes very strongly that current methods for treating cancer (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) are barbaric and completely ineffective on any kind of long-term basis as well—he has very few supporters within the conventional medical community.

An Amazing 31,000 Patients Studied by 1997

As incredible as it sounds, Hamer and his supporters describe their series of empirical findings based on 31,000 case studies as all (without exception!) exhibiting this same pattern of disease development.  In other words, not one exception to the theory was uncovered.  In fact, several supportive studies have now been accomplished with European institutions, the latest being the 1998 examination at The University of Trnava, Slovakia. 

Note: There is a great deal of information of a highly technical nature available about Dr. Hamer’s theories and set of five “biological laws,” which is not included within this report.  Many of his ideas are diametrically opposed to conventional medical knowledge, such as his statement that tumors cannot metastasize, so be forewarned.   You will need to proceed with an open mind, however the information is fascinating and thought-provoking.

Some Powerful Insights Into Breast Cancer

For a fascinating discussion specific to breast cancer, use the following link to the New Medicine website: http://www.newmedicine.ca/breast.php. This is certainly well worth exploring and seriously considering if you or someone you love is dealing with breast cancer.  Basically, Hamer proposes that there are two types: breast gland and milk duct (intra-ductal) cancer.  He also states that he has found that all breast cancer results from a separation conflict of some type and that where it manifests will also depend on whether the woman is right or left handed.   This can be summarized as follows:

We do not develop either intra-ductal or breast gland cancer without reason. The specific nature or feeling behind the conflict will determine precisely what brain location will receive the impact of the conflict-shock (DHS) and whether it will be the duct or the gland affected.

Breast gland cancer has to do with the woman’s nest in the sense that she has a "worry", "quarrel or argument" going on in her nest. The worry could be over a health concern of a loved one, or even being thrown out of the nest by her mother! The overall issue concerned however is really a separation from a loved one. 

Milk duct cancer has quite specifically to do with the conflict of, "my child, mother, or partner has been torn from my breast!" Again it is a separation conflict and the rules of laterality also apply here… To be more precise, a right handed woman will respond with the left breast if she has a mother-child conflict or a daughter-mother conflict and will respond with the right breast if she has a partner conflict. Her partners include her life’s partner as in husband, a friend, her brother, sister, her father, or even her business partner. The opposite breast will be affected in a left handed woman.”

Something to Consider: Hamer makes the following empowering statement for women suffering from this dreaded cancer, offering the possibility, in resolving any emotional/biological conflicts, to create a healing miracle in their lives:  “..….the tissue starts to augment from the time of the onset of the actual conflict, and will stop growing as soon as the conflict has been resolved.”

Hamer’s Theories Brought to the United States

As Dr. Hamer’s theories are finally being investigated and seriously considered in Europe, so too are they beginning to be discussed here in the United States.  A new organization as of June 2004, the Meta-Medicine Academy, based in large part on Hamer’s work, has been created in California to explore the natural laws that govern disease, health and healing:  The “big picture” around how disease and healing truly happen.  This is an education and research organization that will offer seminars and trainings, including a certified “health coach” training program for practitioners wishing to specialize in this approach. 

Meta-Medicine will offer a new model for how our bodies really work.  It intends to create no less than “the transformation of medicine and healing towards an integral understanding of the body/mind/spirit environment.” The following information, taken from the website (www.metamedicine.info), explains its mission further:

The goal of Meta-Medicine is to research and find the causes, process, relationships and meaning of disease and health and to formulate a new foundation of a truly integral health system and medicine.  The Meta-Medicine is engaged in answering the deeper questions of health and disease from an integral and more comprehensive point of view: 

  • What are the causes of disease?
  • How exactly does body-mind-spirit work together?
  • What is the process and flow of a disease? 
  • How do our organisms work as holistic, integral systems?
  • What biological laws and principles can we research from a meta-level?
  • What are the phases and cycles of a disease?
  • What is a healing crisis and when does it appear?
  • Is there a deeper meaning to all disease?
  • What therapy works best for what disease in what stage?
  • How can we define and formulate true holistic health prevention?
  • How can we use all current healing methods more effectively,
    with the knowledge of the Meta-Medicine ?
  • What new methods of diagnosis, therapy and treatment can 
    be developed incorporating the Meta-Medicine?  

There are introductory seminars scheduled in California, Germany and the United Kingdom.  Consult the website (www.metamedicine.info) for details and to be put on their mailing list if you’re interested.

Shadows on The Brain

In conclusion, the following article and summary of Dr. Hamer’s work, is reprinted with permission from the British newsletter, “What Doctors Don't Tell You” Volume 13 No. 10 January 2003  (www.wddty.co.uk).

The author of the article is Pat Thomas, Contributing Editor.

One of the most recent studies on psychosomatic cancer therapy comes from Germany.  Over the past ten years, medical doctor and cancer surgeon Ryke Geerd Hamer has examined 20,000 cancer patients with all types of cancer.

Dr. Hamer wondered why cancer never seems to systemically spread directly from one organ to the surrounding tissue.  For example, he has never found a cancer of the cervix and cancer of the uterus in the same woman.  He also noticed that all his cancer patients seem to have something in common:  they had all experienced some kind of psycho-emotional conflict prior to the onset of their disease, a conflict that had never been fully resolved.

On the basis of these 20,000 examinations, Dr. Hamer has come up with some revolutionary information.  In all these cases, X-rays taken of the brain by Dr. Hamer have shown a dark shadow somewhere in the brain.  These dark spots are located in exactly the same place in the brain for the same type of cancer.  There was also a 100 percent correlation between the dark spot in the brain, the location of the cancer in the body, and the specific type of unresolved conflict.

These findings have lead Dr. Hamer to suggest that when we are in a stressful conflict that is not resolved, the emotional reflex center in the brain that corresponds to the experienced emotion (for example, anger, frustration or grief) will slowly break down.  Each of these emotion centers is connected to a specific organ.  When a center breaks down it will start sending the wrong information to the organ it controls, resulting in the formation of deformed cells in the tissues - in other words, cancer cells.

Dr. Hamer also suggests that metastases are not the same as cancer spreading.  It is the result of new conflicts that the stress of having cancer, or of having to undergo invasive, painful or nauseating therapies create.

When Dr. Hamer started including psychotherapy as an important part of the healing process, he found that when the associated conflict was resolved, the cancer immediately stopped growing at a cellular level.  The dark spot in the brain also began to disappear, and the diseased tissue came to be replaced by normal tissue.

According to Dr. Hamer, research in Germany, Austria, France, the US and Denmark has confirmed his findings – that emotional conflicts create cancer, and solving the conflicts in question stops the cancer growth.

Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD has written several books, including "CANCER, DISEASE OF THE PSYCHE" and "LEGACY OF A NEW MEDICINE, Volume 1, The Ontogenetic System of Tumors including Cancer, Leukemia, Psychosis and Epilepsy.”


Interested? Check Out the New Medicine Website


If you’re interested in learning more (and you may need a medical or scientific background to comprehend some of this), a good place to start is the English version of the website for The New Medicine (www.newmedicine.ca).  As well, an English translation of The Summary of the New Medicine (this is Dr. Hamer’s thesis as presented to the University of Tubingen in 1994), updated in 2000, can be ordered here.  This is a comprehensive documentation of his research in summary form.  It is described as “dense with material and case studies as well as examples of CT scans of the brain and the New Medicine interpretation involving the Psyche, Brain and Organ.”

There are lectures and seminars scheduled and listed on the website, to be conducted by a New Medicine teacher and therapist trained and approved by Dr. Hamer. These are reasonably priced and accessible in the U.S. or Canada if you’re interested.