A Formula for Healing Cancer: The Latest Research in Mind-Body Medicine

This book was written for anyone who has cancer, who has had cancer, or who cares for someone with cancer. It offers some profound insights into how and why your cancer may have begun and what steps you can take right now to begin to create real healing in your life. There are remarkable concepts, therapies and processes here that have achieved success in reversing even late-stage terminal cancer cases. This is a rare opportunity to explore in one place research from some of the world's leading experts on the healing power of the mind and the emotions--and the newly emerging science of "Psychoneuroimmunology."

This book is being offered free of charge because I want to make this vital information available to as many people as possible--no matter what their financial circumstances. If you find benefit in what you read here, please consider making a donation to our chosen non-profit cancer information, counseling and referral agency, The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. (see Chapter 8 below for more information about this group and their excellent Executive Director, Dr. Susan Silberstein).